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The Audience Comes First...

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The Audience Comes First...

The most likely reason you are not being invited back to deliver speeches

"If your clients have the money to spend...
And they need what you are offering...
But they're still not buying what you're offering...
Even though it would be good for them to do so...
Then the problem lies in a single word: Perceptions" 

- Douglas Kruger

You Can't Buy a Secret!

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You Can't Buy a Secret!

Put yourself out there.

If you don't start speaking at every opportunity that you get, nobody will know about you.

Tools of the Trade

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Tools of the Trade

Convert Kit and NutCache: Essential Marketing and Invoicing Tools

As a budding professional speaker you will need tools to help build up a client base and to keep track of finances.

Starting Blocks - The 4 Kings!

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Starting Blocks - The 4 Kings!

The basics of getting started

What does one need to begin a career as a professional speaker.

My First Blog

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How to become a Professional Speaker...

Follow me on my journey as I try and document the process of becoming a professional speaker, all the way from zero to hero!


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