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You Can't Buy a Secret!
Michael Chikwililwa
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You Can't Buy a Secret!

Put yourself out there.

In her book "Speak for Impact", Dr. Michelle Mazur talks about how "you cannot buy a secret..."

If you were not aware that coca cola existed how would buy it? How would you even know where to look for it, let alone ask for it?

The same applies to professional speakers. If you are not actively going out there to make your voice heard then nobody will be able to book you.

When it comes to professional speaking there are generally 2 options availiable to you, either you are getting paid to speak, or you are not.

TED speaker and author Nilofer Merchant says: "No one will pay you to practice your speech". In other words if you are just starting out as a professional speaker you will have to earn your stripes before you can expect to start getting paid. 

All of us want to want to be in getting paid bracket, but what do you do if you don't have clients who are willing to pay to hear you speak?

The answer ladies and gentlemen is that you will speak for free until you start getting paid! All of your "Free Speeches" should be used as Client Attraction Speeches.

Never turn down the opportunity to speak just because you not getting any money out of it. These "free gigs" are platforms that allow you to showcase your talents to potential clients. Your speech is the best marketing tool that you have and you can use to promote yourself. The more you deliver it the more you are marketing yourself.

Don't sit around waiting for better days till you start speaking...

Don't allow your self limiting beliefs to prevent you from speaking until you are "perfect". Perfection is a process and the sooner you start practicing the sooner you will get there.

Never forget that "You can't buy a secret..."

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