Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Goal Setting

Self Leadership and Goal Setting

How many times have you felt motivated after watching an inspirational video, hearing a motivational speech or a touching sermon? Only to find that after 2 to 3 days you are right back at square one with no real change in your life?

I have developed the following FREE mind maps to help you realise all of your life's hopes and dreams. They form part of my "Self Leadership Course". These Mind Maps were developed using the information that I have aquired from reading numerous books on the topics of self leadership and motivation.

Please feel free to download and use them for your own personal use.

7 Deep & Life Assessment

Use the following template to discover what you true drive and motivation is by doing the "7 Deep Assessment". After you are done with the "7 Deep Assessment", the next step is analyse where you are in life at the moment and determining where you want to be in the next year by completing the "Life Assessment".


Download 7 Deep & Life Assessment





Objectives & Key Results

This Mind Map is designed to help you establish what you type of person and experiences you want to have in life. In addition to that it will help establish what your top 7 Goals are and work out a 30 Day Daily Plan to help you acheive those objectives.



Download OKR Goal Planner

The 5am Club

If you really want to speed up the rate at which you will see positive changes and results in your life then you must wake up at 5am follow the guidelines in this template every morning! 


Download Morning Routine


Download Morning Prayers










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