Michael Chikwililwa

My purpose in life is to “Help others Become Better so that they can Do Better“. As a Business Optimisation Consultant, I focus on providing a fresh set of eyes to the current challenges that you are facing and then help you divise strategic, realistic solutions for them. My techniques focus heavily on Mind Mapping & Radiant Thinking as creative solution finding tools and methods for sharing information in an easy to understand manner.

Mayumbula Michael Chikwililwa

Business Optimisation Consultant

It's Not About You
This is the number thing that plagues most speakers and presenters.
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My Services

Speech & Presentation Coach

I am Distinguished Toastmaster who teaches companies and individuals how to create power & engaging speeches & presentations.

Master of Ceremonies

I have over 10 years experience as a Professional MC. My clients include (But are not limited to) FNB, Sanlam Financial Services, O&L, Metropolitan Momentum etc… 

Corporate Trainer & Facilitator

I give Corporate Training in many areas such as, Customer Service, Training Sales Staff, Induction of New Employees, Leadership, Personal Productivity etc..

Performance Coach

I coach Middle Management & Team Leaders on how to be more effective at Goal Setting, Building Trust & Relationships & how to better manage their Teams.

Life Coach & Mentor

As a Coach & Mentor I help my clients set personal goals, challenge their pre-conceived world views & thus lead them towards their own

Motivational/Inspirational Speaker

If you have a tired, uninspired, burned out team that just seems to be stuck, then you should consider calling me in to inspire the Team out of their negative mindset. 

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