About Me:

Mayumbula Michael Chikwililwa is a Professional Speaker, TEDx Speaker, IT Consultant, Distinguished Toastmaster, part time lecturer at the Namibia University of Science and Technology and Board Member of the Professional Speakers Association of Namibia. He is also the owner of Vision Multimedia cc, and Boost Health Foods cc. In his own words:
“I motivate and teach teams to work better, communicate better, and select optimal goals whilst creating realistic, effective accountabilities to ensure that those goals are reached.“
Michael has a passion for helping businesses and individuals realise their full potential through training, coaching and IT consultancy services.
His primary tools are Mind Mapping, the GRASP Methodology, adult learning, psychology, individual/team motivational strategies and practical skills building. All to help organisations find creative solutions to all manner of problems/challenges.
He also teaches Managers and Leaders how to lead effectively. And how to put together and confidently present powerful speeches/presentations that move their audiences, using his “Be Better, Do Better” System.

Speaker Profile:

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