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Finally, we have now reached the last of this 3 part series.

The first 2 posts looked at the psychology and reasons behind why achieving goals is so difficult. Now it’s time to get right down to the actual nitty gritty of how to practically implement what you have learned thus far.

I have also included a free gift for you: A PDF that you can use to help you establish the habits that will enable you to better define and achieve your goals.

Please download it from this link below:

Goal to Habits Template

Please click on the link below to download a summary of this video:

Achieve your Goals pt3 – Goals and Habits Summary PDF

Michael Chikwililwa

I am a Business Optimisation Consultant, based in the Republic of Namibia. My purpose in life is to help people realise their God given potential, by giving them both the knowledge and the practical tools to do so.

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